With access to quality healthcare, every child can reach for the stars.

Mobile Health Service

Starting with ‘Jojolo’, our Mobile Sick Bay, we aim to reach children in schools, homes, communities and public events with access to routine health screenings, vaccinations and emergency services.

Virtual Consultations
with Qualified Professionals

Redefining the way caregivers access healthcare for their children by connecting them with qualified healthcare professionals in real time to support the quality of care in school or at home.

Innovative Devices

Our timely innovations driven by 'needs-assessments' aim to provide interventions that enable all children access healthcare services easily at more affordable rates.

Health Information

We keep caregivers empowered with knowledge to safeguard the healthcare of children.

About neochildcare

Neo Childcare is a mobile and digital child health service connecting children in schools and caregivers with seasoned healthcare professionals and appropriate health information.

Established in 2019, Neo Childcare’s overarching vision is that of a future where every child can access quality healthcare regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The organisation’s work sprouted from The Neo Child Initiative (est. 2015), a non-profit dedicated to improving access to healthcare and mentorship for underprivileged children. At Neo Childcare, we believe every child deserves an optimal shot at life. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to create the kind of delightful experience with healthcare that helps children reach for the stars by bringing healthcare closer to them and their caregivers. We are an innovation driven social enterprise offering dynamic solutions to bridge the gap of access to healthcare for children and their caregivers.

Donate to the Jojolo School Health Trust Fund

Help us subsidize the cost of our school health services for children in low cost schools who can only afford very little.

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Our Impact in Numbers

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